No doubt, everyone likes to sing in a shower! Today I am going to tell how to pick a waterproof speaker allowing you to sing in a bath, on the beach, in the pool, and wherever you want.

One of the most serious problems for any electronic device is the risk of getting water inside, so I highly recommend to keep your phone or mp3 away from the water source and connect the speaker via Bluetooth.


Here is a list of characteristics you should emphasize on before purchasing:

Wireless connection.

So. Bluetooth signal activity area is probably the most important qualitie of any shower speaker. All the latest models have a sufficient signal range (15-30 metres). It means you can leave your device in the room and take the speaker outside. It will still work.  But some of the old speakers have a quite weak signal, so check this feature before buying.

Powerful battery

The next important thing is battery capacity. If you want to play music for 8-9 hours, just pick the speaker with 400-500 mAh. Also, I would recommend you to purchase a solar charger to be able to recharge the speaker outdoor.

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Weight, dimensions and mounting

In most cases, shower speakers are light and compact. Usually, one speaker weight approximately around 250-350 grams. Some models have a special suction cup to attach them a mirror or a wall. If you the one who prefers relax by the pool, the floating model is right for you.


Nowadays there are almost 50k wireless speakers available on Amazon. The prices of the items in the waterproof category fluctuate from $20 to $120.